#ThursdayThoughts: Stop the Brainstorming Brain Drain

There are two types of entrepreneurs:
  1. Those who sit around brainstorming who their customers are while sipping frothy macchiatos
  2. Those who spend time actually finding out who their customers are by doing the real work
Why is this actually important?
Finding out where (i.e. what medium) and what (i.e. content/product that performs better) and why (i.e. qualities that attract them) supported by REAL data will support a linear increase in REAL sales.
It’s the difference between:
a) vomiting your message onto the internet (and egotistically thinking that it will be amazing or that you think you know your customer best)
b) finding out why your customers have chosen you AND where they found you (the hard work of analytics, A/B testing, creating customer personas, etc.)
Last thought: Being specific and tailoring in your focus is KEY. For example, Google Adwords, SEO keywords or Facebook ads tend to perform better with a lower cost per click and higher engagement rate when keywords are incredibly specific toward a vary narrowly targeted audience.
So stop spreading yourself too thin and start focusing.
To keep the conversation going, check out these value-added tools to predict whether or not your product, service, feature or content will be successful: