Sites I Love

  • Get Pocket – save all of your favorite websites to be viewed at a later date. Easy to bookmark your favorite news articles, how-to guides, etc.
  • Self Journal  – hand writing may seem faux paux, but it’s the best way to remember. The SELF Journal motivates and lays out your days for success by utilizing a 30-day roadmap structure to hold yourself accountable and create habits that stick.
  • Coursera – For a low monthly fee, you can pick up virtually any new skill from an accredited university online. Skip the expensive diploma and hack your way to an advanced degree.
  • Skimm – I Skimm my mornings with this witty and sarcastic app that hand-picks the news for the day. Unlike other news sites, Skimm seems to know it’s audience is young professionals so it delivers a mix of news on business, world affairs and the occasional entertainment gossip. Btw, it goes great with a coffee and donut.
  • Hello Gorgeous Blog – Just a midwest gal with sassy style on a budget. She is constantly delivering cute outfits that are easy to curate.
  • LE Tote – new fashion delivered to your door. Get as much or as little as you’d like. My favorite aspect of this delivery platform is their unlimited rental option for $39/month (compared to Rent the Runway’s $60+ option). I’m a big proponent of this because it allows you to try new fashion every month without cluttering the closet with fast fashion purchases. Plus, it’s really cheaper than buying to keep up with the latest trends.
  • Like to Know it – This is an instagram service that allows you to find the pieces from outfits of your favorite Instagram fashionistas. After signing up for the service and liking their pictures, you’ll get an email telling you where to buy each piece.
  • 10xTravel – Follow Bryce’s advice to hack your way to free trips by strategically planning points offerings. He is always up on the latest deals and is incredibly creative with combining the best offers.
  • Airbnb – Make sure you use the Delta Airbnb platform to get SkyMiles every time you book. You have to book through this portal:
Well-Being & Happiness:
  • Shipt – groceries delivered to straight to your door for the cost of an Amazon Prime membership.
  • Blue Apron – the best meal planning service yet; although I prefer to hack my way to meal planning (by organizing and planning out my own meals).
  • ClassPass – $10 fitness classes anywhere (not in every city though)
  • YNAB (You need a budget) – Easy way to track your personal finances and get on with it so that you can save up for that lake house!
  • Real Food Bar – My favorite ‘go-to’ meal replacement when I’m crammed for time. It’s filling enough to get me through my afternoon AND I have zero guilt eating these nutritious bars since they are made from just 9 simple ingredients and zero added sugar.
  • GoodReads – The most successful people read….a lot. Bill Gates alone devours 50 books per year. Not that I am anywhere close to that, but I do value having a constant revolving reading list and reading reviews from others.
  • Canva – Design without being a designer! Easy-to-use templates for social media posts
  • Hubspot – The CRM dream team. Integrate your CRM with your email platform and get the best advice for optimizing your website & SEO score
  • Sumo  – Deals website for entrepreneurs & amazing email marketing advice and tips for generating online traffic, etc. The best advice out there.
  • MailChimp – Ridiculous automations, APIs and tracking links to measure effectiveness of anything from FB to website pop-ups. The best on the market with plans starting at $10/month.

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