Snack Food Startup - Co-Founder

Frustrated with the lack of nutritious snack food bars available in grocery stores, my husband and I set out to solve that problem. We started off by experimenting with granola bar recipes at home using our trusty food processor. We loved the taste, but were not satisfied until we had created something that met all of our nutritional needs for a healthy meal.

Our product became our lunchtime standby for those long days at work when running out to grab food was not an option.

Nine months later, we had a product – a nutritious snack bar containing all essential food groups, in all the right proportions based on USDA guidelines for a healthy meal packed into a bite-sized bar.

We’re now working on expanding our vision for healthy snacking through our start-up, Real Food Bar.


I do all things related to digital operations including:

  • WordPress website creation and UX Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategy

In addition, as co-owner, I oversee all business operations.

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