About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Anna!

I’m an Executive Assistant whiz, budding entrepreneur and wannabe travel/foodie connoisseur.

I help busy C-Suite Executives maximize their business output, provide a high level of client service and administer back-end HR operations. I spend my days toiling over reports and client deliverables, saving logistical disasters for busy executives and ensuring the ship continues to sail full speed ahead.

My interests include operational management, public relations, nonprofit consulting, foreign languages and product development.

Check out my blog for my latest musings – I write about life hacks to improve productivity, thoughts on career development, travel and overall well-being. All of my blog posts revolve around optimizing my day and maximizing overall quality of life. I have several tips and tricks that will hopefully be value-added strategies to help others do the same.

In my spare time, you can find me on the water, boating or kayaking in the summer; or in the winter, curled up by a warm fire planning out my next travel adventure with my husband, Sean.